Friday, June 5, 2015

Baldrige award : The criteria for performance excellence

Baldrige award criteria for performance excellence is designed to enhance the competitiveness through an aligned approach that finally result in :
–Delivery of ever improving value to customers, contributing market success
–Improvement of overall company performance and capabilities.
–Organizational and personal learning
The criteria consist of a set of categories, items and areas to address. The seven categories are :
–Leadership: How organization senior leader’s focus on customers, other stakeholders, empowerment, innovation and learning. How the organization  addresses its public and community responsibilities.
–Strategic Planning : How an organization develops strategic  objectives and action plans
–Customer and market focus.: How an organization determines requirements, preferences  and expectations of customers and markets
–Measurement, analysis and knowledge management: examines how firms selects, gathers, analyzes, manages and improves its data, information and knowledge assets.
–Human resources focus: how an organization’s work systems, employee learning, and motivation enable employees to develop and utilize their full potential in alignment with the organization's overall objectives and action plans.
–Process management: key aspects of organizational process management
–Business results: examines an organization’s performance  and improvements in the key business areas, -customer satisfaction, product and service performance , financial and market place performance
Baldrige award evaluation process evaluation critera
·        Study the Baldrige award evaluation ptocess and evaluation criteria.
·        This structured approach creates an effective TQ based framework in any company


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